International Fighting Arts Federation
Student progress shall be judged on the following criteria: Character, Attitude, Knowledge of the history of the  different martial arts taught within his local
school,  Perfection of the fundamental basics, i.e., stances, blocks,  strikes, kicks and body movements,  Mastery of patterns used within the IFAF and its
member associations and  schools,  Length of time in training,  Development of control, precision, power, speed and form,  Teaching ability and  assistance
rendered to others,  Progress through practical application of techniques,  Physical Fitness, and Breaking

Each affiliated school shall hold a Black Belt promotional examination at least twice per year at the annual meeting. Any IFAF Instructor, once approved by
IFAF Headquarters, may promote IFAF members up to but not exceeding one  grades below the Instructor's present rank. The quality, as well as the quantity
of material assimilated in the promotional criteria becomes more critical as the student is graded for a higher level of proficiency. When a new member, from
another organization, who presently holds a rank in any Martial Art, joins the IFAF,  applicant must submit a copy of their present rank certificate. Consideration
shall be given those who are actively engaged in the promotion and expansion of this organization. Applications for promotions must be submitted by the
instructor to IFAF Headquarters along with the  proper promotional fee. All certificates of rank shall be mailed back to the Instructor that awarded the
ranks, to be
signed by him/her and then issued to each student with a copy coming back to the HQ IFAF for our records. Promotions may be granted to IFAF
members only. TheIFAF Director may demote members in rank only. Members should not be allowed to test unless they are in the proper uniform and wearing
the IFAF patch.

Teaching Certificate Requirements

•  Ability to effectively, efficiently and proficiently teach the required material is the main concern of the Teaching License
•  The differing levels reflect the depth of the knowledge the teacher can impart; not, just, “Time in Grade”.
•  Patriarche Grandmaster approves and signs all teaching certificates (licenses).

Instructor  (Teacher’s License)

•  Recipients must be at least a Samdan (3rd  Degree Black)
•  Meet IFAF federation requirements
•  Be recommended by their Instructor or a higher license holder
•  Meet the Patriarche Grandmaster approval.

Master Instructor (Master Teacher’s License)

•  Recipients must be at least a Yondan (4th Degree Red/Black)
•  Meet IFAF federation requirements(at least 1 Black Belt as a student)
•  Be recommended by a 4th Dan or higher license holder
•  Meet Patriarch Grandmaster approval.

Grandmaster Instructor (Grandmaster Level Teacher’s License)

•  Recipients must be at least Nanadan(7th Degree Red/White) or higher
•  Must meet IFAF federation requirements (at least 1 master instructor as a student)
•  Be recommended by their Nanadan or Higher
•  Meet Patriarch Grandmaster approval.

The procedure for processing of any Promotions, Licenses, and Memberships is as follows:
1.) The appropriate form should be properly filled out, a copy retained for the records of the submitting dojo
2.) The finished forms and photos, along with the appropriate fees in certified funds are to be mailed to the IFAF  Administrative Headquarters in Gaston, South

Promotion certificates should be ordered well in advance for promotions to Que ranks.  Promotions which require Patriarch Grandmaster review and approval
should be done at Patriarch Grandmaster visits.  Sufficient time for processing, and mailing from Administrative Headquarters in Gaston South Carolina, has to
be considered on all Black Belt promotions.  Promotions will be promptly processed and returned by first class mail, unless otherwise requested.  Every dojo is
encouraged to have each and every member become an Individual Member of the Federation.

Promotional Authority

Only IFAF Certified and Licensed Black Belts are permitted to promote with an IFAF certificates. Instructor (Sandan) Licensed Instructors may promote Que
within their respective dojo, only.
Sandan - Through Nidan

4th Dan Master Instructor: Licensed Instructors are permitted to promote up to and including the rank of Sandan.

6th Dan Master Instructors: Licensed Instructors are permitted to promote up to and including the rank of Godan.

The ranks of 4th Dan and above require Patriarch Grandmaster review and approval.

All promotions of 6th Dan and above, issuance of Master Instructor, or Grandmaster Licenses are to be made, only, by Patriarche Grandmaster.

Requirements for Promotion

The IFAF federation sets the standards for the material taught by its various members. What constitutes the requirements for rank is left to the discretion of the
IFAF  and Dojo in the IFAF.  Additionally, the federation only promotes those who are recommended for promotion by their respective Dojo.  In an effort to
establish a measure of  uniformity within the federation, the following membership and time guidelines have been established.

Federation Requirements: It is mandatory that ALL testing for a IFAF certificate or License must hold an Individual Membership and be in good standing with the

IFAF uniform policy is as follows white belt 9th Que thur 3rd Que red belt wears white uniforms and 2nd Que and 1st Que wears black uniform, shodan thur
sandan wears white trimmed in black and 4th dan and above wears black tops with white bottoms.

Recommend Belt System: White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Purple, Blue, Red,  Brown, Dark Blue, Black, Black with Red Stripe(Master Belt), Red/White Blocks
(Grandmaster Belt)

Time Requirements:

Dan                   Color                                  Stripe                          Min. Age      Total Years           Yrs Dan                     Instructor. License
Shodan            Black                                  None                                  15                     5                           n/a                         Asst Instructor
Nidan               Black                                  1: ½  inch gold              17                     7                              2                          Asst Instructor
Sandan            Black                                  2: ½  inch gold              20                   10                             3                          Instructor
Yondan            Black w/ Red Stripe        None                                24                   14                             4                          Master Instructor
Godan              Black w/ Red Stripe        1: ½ inch gold               29                   19                             5                          Master Instructor
Rokudan         Black w/ Red Stripe        2: ½ inch gold               35                   25                             6                          Master Instructor
Nanadan        Red/White Blocks             None                                42                   31                             7                          Grandmaster
Hachidan       Red/White Blocks            1: ½ inch gold               50                   39                             8                          Grandmaster
Kudan             Red/White Blocks            2: ½ inch gold               59                   48                             9                          Grandmaster
Judan             Red/Black Sided               None                                 69                   58                           Hon                       Grandmaster                                           

It is the policy of the federation that IFAF Certified  Instructor, Master Instructors and Grandmasters should:

• Operate his/her own unsupervised dojo or be involved in the promotion of the art through seminars, books, DVDs, federation involvement  etc.  

• However, Instructors Sandan, should, only teach under direct supervision of their Master Instructor, or Grandmasters.

Rank Accreditation: Only Patriarch Grandmaster has the right to issue IFAF License Certificates.

No IFAF Rank Certificate or Teacher’s License can be AUTHENTIC unless:

1.) It is approved by Patriarch Grandmaster
2.) It contains his signature;
3.) It has the IFAF Seal.
4.) IFAF  rank accreditation of the following schools/organizations.

  • International Sung Ja do Association